TwinMOS has manufacturing facilities, with a maximum monthly capacity of 1.9 million, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The M.T.M.S. (Module Test Monitor System) enables production data to be downloaded to individual divisions of the manufacturing line so that each part of the manufacturing process can be properly managed.

The B.C.R. (Bar Code Running System) identifies the barcode on a Run Card, in turn helping each  part of the assembly line to match its products to specifications. The system also creates a track record during each step of the production process. The A.B.L. (Auto Bar Code and Labeling System) translates products, specifications and manufacturing dates into bar codes for the reference of quality control specialists. The A.B.L. system can also work together with the M.I.D. (Module-Identify) system to track products through each part of production.

This ensures efficient production processes and high quality products. Moreover, the company is actively pushing for internal-departmental P.I.T. (Process Improvement / Innovation Team) campaigns in order to increase employees’ understanding of the skills needed for precise quality control. This program is but one indication of TwinMOS' continued effort to improve product quality.

Focusing on high quality and efficiency, TwinMOS has earned certifications from several international memory-chip manufacturers and systems integrators to become one of the few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to make memory modules for the world’s leading companies.

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