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TwinMOS is more creative and more diverse in terms of launching a new product. We are constantly focusinprofile_b01g on new technology and analyzing the competitors carefully so that we can offer the finest products in the market.

TwinMOS team strives to continue to provide a series of quality services for its customers worldwide. To become a significant added supplier and a valuable business development partner to all our customers. In addition to meeting customer requirements, TwinMOS strives to uphold close business interaction with international worldwide strategic associates.

TwinMOS has over one thousand distribution locations, forming a strategic network capable of delivering our products and solutions to customers throughout the world and within 24 hours locally.

TwinMOS uses the most up-to-date technologies and is constantly developing superior standards in order to make products better suited for the needs of our customers. TwinMOS Technologies has its own R&D team who are guiding the business with new innovative products consistently with the latest technology and most modern customer demands.

Nevertheless, DDR2 memory module series were among the first producers to pass Intel validation. TwinMOS memory modules have over the years continuously proven to perform excellent in combination with all major motherboards, like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Foxconn.

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