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What is the maximum speed for USB3.0 PCI-e/Express Card?

Answer: TwinMOS USB3.0 PCI-e/Express Card support theoretically maximum SuperSpeed up to 5Gbps but in practical field, due to the variation of hardware and operating system platform it may differ. To get the higher performance you should connect the power socket and should use best quality & small length of USB3.0 cables. Speed may also vary with the device performance also. To get optimal performance please read the PCI-e installation guide.

What is the difference between TwinMOS All in one card reader with Combo Gadget?

Answer: TwinMOS has all in one card reader which can read and write all kinds of Flash Cards/Memory Cards. TwinMOS has newly launched another innovative product name as Combo Gadget which support three USB2.0 HUB and all in one card reader/writer as well as, for this reason this device is called Combo Gadget. It’s super compact combination of USB HUB and All in one card reader.

What is HDDokerz and how it works?

Answer: This is one kind of HDD accessing device, which makes the data copy more easier than ever. This is another innovation of TwinMOS for that peoples who are always trying to share huge amount of data in a very short time like- large HD files, Multimedia files, Movies, Music, Data backup, HDD cloning etc. It is very suitable home user also just put your HDD and you will be able to access your data with SuperSpeed USB3.0 Interface which support up to 5Gbps. Just put your 2.5” or 3.5” HDD and share with SuperSpeed interface.

What is EzeeHUB and what is the benefit of this?

Answer: TwinMOS has three different models of USB HUB which is name is EzeeHUB. It has 4ports, 7ports and 10ports of high speed USB2.0 interface. Now a day’s USB based device is increasing due to its compatibility and easy access but our computer has limited number of USB ports for this reason we often need extra USB HUB. TwinMOS high speed EzeeHUB is more compact and attractive design with different color to choose. EzeeHUB has the facility to use with and without adapter. In the case of power hunger device you need to use adapter otherwise and most of the case you can use this device without adapter but we always recommend using adapter.

I just bought a digital camera. Why should I buy a flash card reader?

Answer: Generally, your digital camera connects to your computer through a USB or serial port, but this can be inconvenient. A flash card reader attaches to your PC's USB port and transfers with high speed data between your digital camera and your computer without the need to connect the camera itself to the computer. You can transfer data even when you don't have your camera with you and, unless you have an AC adapter for your camera, downloading files from your camera to your computer can be a serious drain on your batteries. A flash card reader conserves the battery life of your digital camera or other digital device. So, if you consider all the things then it’s better to use one card reader for better performance and durability of the Flash card.

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