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About Us

Digital storage and memory solutions can be complicated. We’ve spent the last two decades simplifying it into a win for you.

High Standards

We uphold the same standards for our reliability, speed, and competitiveness as you do. Industry-standard warranties on all of our products, with a <0.5% fault rate.

In good hands

A trained, real human can connect you to the right solution, product information ordering assistance, order tracking, warranty, and any other general inquiries.

Wherever you are

A global operation spanning R&D factories in Taiwan, headquarters in Dubai, and a dedicated team based in the US to serve customer wins on a global scale.


To enhance the digital storing and processing user experience.To enhance the digital storing and processing user experience.


Powering devices and integrating lives, globally. Focusing on customer-centric, sustainable products and services.


The production process is owned end to end from manufacturing to sales fulfillment: which is how we ensure total quality, optimal pricing, and timely delivery every step of the way. The TwinMOS Technologies proprietary factory is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan with a monthly production capacity of 1.9 million units. This means, TwinMOS customers do not experience the pains of global semiconductor shortages.


TwinMOS strives to exceed the technological demands of both the industry and customers. As processing power doubles every two years, and the processing and storage needs of our customers increase, it is our responsibility to develop our product offering. Our current showcase includes various products to match needs within the Solid State Drive, Desktop & Laptop RAM, and Flash product lines.


We provide excellent customer service, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Our Versatile and Diverse Research and Development team is dedicated to never seen before innovation. We are the pioneer in innovation in the Flash and Memory module product market

We believe Everything you can imagine is real. We always try to bring imagination to reality

We’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company

We focus on creating real value for the world — every day and in everything they do

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