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Apple Mac has been the favorite among trendy consumers for their design that combines style and technology. The simple white and clean lining together with the humanistic system specifications make every generation of Mac attractive. With the leading-edge technology and know-how, TwinMOS Technology today announced ” Apple Series ” , the DDR3 SO-DIMM for Mac.

The series follows the Mac tradition, i.e. a white package with a green apple, as product identification and to meet the quality requirements of Mac users. All products of the” Apple Series “have been tested to 100% comply with the MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air series. That is to say, all TwinMOS ”Apple Series” SO-DIMM for Mac are fully compatible with Mac systems using DDR3 SO-DIMM with high reliability. To meet the exigent quality demand of Mac systems, all ” Apple Series” from TwinMOS Technology are delivered with top quality, so that consumers can expand the memory of their Mac systems without worrying about compatibility problem.

TwinMOS ”Apple Series” DDR3 SO-DIMM along with the latest FBGA (Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array) packaging technology, uses Lead-free (RoHS compliant) and Halogen-free high-performance original dies in a 128Mx8 configuration for both the 1GB and 2GB models. A JEDEC standard 6-layer PCB is used to stabilize data transfer signals. The circuit design layout conforms completely to the JEDEC circuit specification to prevent noise interference in order to ensure multimedia operation stability at high speeds and the reliability of huge data storage for full compatibility to PCs.

As a world-leading DRAM manufacturer, TwinMOS Technologies provides a worldwide, lifetime warranty for all of its DRAM modules to assure product quality. Moreover, as a major DRAM supplier of world-leading system manufacturers, TwinMOS Technologies has upgraded all of its product lines to conform to the EU’s RoHS environmental specification in order to uphold its corporate social responsibility towards the Earth


Module Specification204Pin Unbuffered SO-DIMM
IC Config128×8
Capacity2GB & 1GB
Data Transfer Bandwidth8500MB/sec (DDR3-1066)
PCB Structure8-layer PCB
Working voltage1.5V
WarrantyLifetime warranty


  • iMac [Desktop Series, using SO-DIMM]
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
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