TwinMOS introduces High Capacity [4GB] DDR3-1333 DIMM SO-DIMM for Desktop & laptops Leave a comment

Keeping abreast with the latest trend to launch high capacity products to replace the old, TwinMOS is now offering a new choice of superb value expansion with its 4GB DDR3 DIMM & SODIMM using Hynix die. High capacity DDR3 features outstanding product quality that users have come to expect from TwinMOS and the product has also passed the strictest tests for quality assurance. Not only that, TwinMOS’s 4GB DDR3 is manufactured with full compliance to the specifications prescribed by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) and has gone through extensive burn-in tests. DDR3 features standard 240 Pin DIMM & 204 pin SODIMM design and operates on 1.5V of power to achieve low power consumption with a truly eco-friendly specification.

  • DDR3 – 1333 U-DIMM – 4GB [9-9-9-24]
  • DDR3 – 1333 SO-DIMM – 4GB [9-9-9-24]


PC TypeDesktop / Laptop
Module Specification240Pin Unbuffered DIMM / 204pin SO-DIMM
IC Config60ball FBGA(256Mx8) – 16Chips
Data Transfer Bandwidth10664MB/sec (DDR3-1333)
PCB Structure6-layer PCB
Working voltage1.5V
Extra FeaturesAluminum heat-sink (According to the actual products) for DIMM
WarrantyLifetime warranty


Intel platform

  • Intel G41, G43 & G45 series or later chipset
  • Intel P35, P43, P45 series or later chipset
  • Intel Q43, Q45 series or later chipset
  • Intel X38, X48 series or later chipset

AMD Platform

  • 8-Series Integrated Chipset:
    • AMD 890GX Chipset
  • 7-Series Discrete Chipset:
    • AMD 790FX Chipset for Ultimate Gamers
    • AMD 790X Chipset for Gamers
    • AMD 770 for HD Enthusiasts
  • 7-Series Integrated Chipset:
    • AMD 790GX Chipset
    • AMD 785G Chipset
    • AMD 780V Chipset
    • AMD 780G Chipset
    • AMD 760G Chipset
    • AMD 740G Chipset
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