TwinMOS introduces TwiSTER DDR3-2133 Dual Channel over-clocking DRAM modules Leave a comment

TwinMOS announcing TwiSTER Series DDR3 2133 to set again a new barrier for overclocking memory. TwinMOS not only enhances the bandwidth of the module to 17,000MB/sec but also sets users at the tip of the pyramid as the target customer group.

Based on the memory architecture evolution on Intel Core i7 and Core i5, TwinMOS raises the frequency of the TwiSTER DDR3 by 8% from 2000MHz to 2133MHz. Also, by continuing the high frequency and low latency tradition of the TwiSTER memory, the TwiSTER DDR3 2133 can fully display the configuration 9-10-9-24 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) at a low operating voltage at 1.65V without sacrificing either performance or stability. All these have witnessed the extraordinary R&D capacity and capability of TwinMOS. In addition to the unchanged genuine chip policy, TwinMOS ensures chip quality with the exclusive sorting technology to screen chips. In order to further ensure the optimal performance and flawless quality of the TwiSTER DDR3 2133, TwinMOS applies the 24-hour burn-in test and industry-approved MemTest software to perform the QC inspection of all modules before shipping to assure the stability and exceptional performance of every TwiSTER DDR3 2133.

The TwiSTER DDR3 2133 from TwinMOS has a conventional 6-layered PCB design and is covered with the heat-sink labeled for the TwiSTER series.


PC TypeDesktop PCs
Module Specification240Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC
IC Config256×8
Capacity4GB Kit(2x2GB)
Data Transfer Bandwidth17000MB/sec (DDR3-2133)
PCB Structure6-layer PCB
Extra featuresAluminum heat-sink (According to the actual products)
Working voltage1.65V
WarrantyLifetime warranty
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