TwinMOS launched Fully Buffered DDR2 Server RAM

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TwinMOS Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) technology is a new memory architecture that addresses the scaling needs of both capacity and bandwidth in enterprise platforms replacing earlier parallel-based systems. FB-DIMM provides significant capacity and bandwidth improvements over existing DDR-2 based systems. FB-DIMM also provides enhanced RAS capabilities, a key requirement for server platforms.

As with nearly all RAM specifications, the FB-DIMM specification was published by JEDEC. TwinMOS offers well-established FB-DIMM solutions to provide premium products and superior post-delivery services to customers.

• 240pin fully buffered dual in-line memory module

• 3.2Gb/s, 4.0Gb/s link transfer rate

• 1.8V +/- 0.1V Power Supply for DRAM VDD/VDDQ

• 1.5V +/- 0.075V Power Supply for AMB VCC

• 3.3V +/- 0.3V Power Supply for VDDSPD

• Buffer Interface with high-speed

• point-to-point Link at 1.5 volt

• Channel error detection & reporting

• Channel fail over mode support

• Serial presence detect with EEPROM

• Posted CAS

• Programmable CAS Latency : 3, 4, 5

• Automatic DDR2 DRAM bus and channel calibration

• MBIST and IBIST Test functions

• Hot add-on and Hot Remove Capability

• Transparent mode for DRAM test support

• Support ECC Function.

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