TwinMOS unveiled TwiSTER DDR3-1600 Single Stick over-clocking DRAM module Leave a comment

The invention of the Intel X38 chipset has not only brought desktop PCs to enter the era of DDR3-1333 but also fulfilled the FSB clock requirements of Intel Core 2 Duo processors and enhanced the overall performance of Intel Core 2 Duo-based platforms. However, with rich R&D experience and how-how, TwinMOS even improved the speed of DDR3 modules to DDR3-1600 to bring over-clocking fans the joy of perfect performance and the TwinMOS TwiSTER DDR3 series a valiant fighter. Quality is the best policy. TwiSTER DDR3 1600 uses 128×8 BGA memory modules for up to 2GB capacity in a single stick of memory, which suitable for large memory situations such as 3D gaming. At the same time, the memory module is covered in the all-new aluminum heat spreader.


PC TypeDesktop PCs
Module Specification240Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC
IC Config128×8
Data Transfer Bandwidth12800MB/sec (DDR3-1600)
PCB Structure8-layer PCB
Extra featuresAluminum heat-sink (According to the actual products)
Working voltage1.60V
WarrantyLifetime warranty
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