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TwinMOS microSDXC Class 10 V30 UHS-3


  • Support for UHS-3 ultrahigh-speed bus interface
  • Extreme speeds of 40MB/s reading and 10MB/s writing
  • IOPS reaches 500 reading and 150 writing, surpassing the same class 10 fold.
  • Support CPRM
  • Compatible with SD slots by the adapter
  • Low power consumption; support 3.3V
  • Single/Dual Channel with high performance
  • Support SDHC Host specification
  • Enough to satisfy the high-speed access requirement of smartphones, tablets, and vehicle recorders.
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TwinMOS’s microSDXC Class 10 UHS-3 is a high-performance memory card designed specifically for smart phones, tablet computers, and vehicle recorders. It features speeds of 40MB/s reading and 10MB/s writing. Thanks to the improved IO access capability, IOPS is able to reach 500 MB/s reading and 150 MB/s writing, exceeding substantially the limits of the same class, enough to satisfy the requirement of smart phones to frequently access small files.

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